Faster software evolution.

At Chief Logic, we make it easy for SaaS companies to accelerate their technical and product roadmap through software excellence.

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When you need to move faster and can’t afford to make crucial mistakes, we are here to help.

We work with small and medium tech companies to ensure their success during crucial transitions.

  • Replatforming and migration
  • System architecture and scaling
  • Team optimization and org changes

We are an Austin, TX-based technology consulting firm on a mission to help our clients move faster and scale bigger.

I am a...
Are you frustrated with the long lead time to get a new feature delivered?
We unlock business agility so you can deliver customer value in hours and days instead of weeks and months.
Move faster, outpace the competition.
Build resilient, scalable systems without encumbering technical debt. Eliminate drag.
We help you scale to meet your customer needs and your uptime and responsiveness SLAs.
We help with digital transformation. Cloud native, container orchestration, microservices architecture.
Reduce deployment risk by deploying often. Immutable infrastructure.
Deploy at-will with ease and safety. Less technical debt, fewer bugs, more understandable code.
We build with the SOLID principles and refactor for quality and maintainability.
We believe in functional programming, software craftsmanship and reactive systems.

Evolve Faster Through Intelligent Design

Accelerate and Succeed

  • Fractional CTO
  • Technical road mapping
  • Platform architecture
  • Project rescue
  • APIs and Microservices
  • DevOps
  • Technical debt assessment and remediation
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Identity​ Solutions

A Better Way

Throughout our careers, we have developed software for sophisticated enterprises and underdog innovators alike.

Startups achieve a fast-pace but often the priority of speed leaves quality behind under the banner of technical debt as they ship sub-par software.

Enterprises can tackle scale but the cost of long timelines, meeting hell, and delivery coordination often drag meaningful changes out months or years.

Today's marketplace demands both fast iteration and high quality. Here's how we deliver both.


Chief Logic has been essential to the successful development of our new platform.  Chief Logic has literally saved us from huge architectural and coding mistakes time and time again.
– H. Beverly, Director of Development
Beneplace LLC

Meet the Team

John Bindel
Founder and CEO

Daniel Bindel

Julian Jones
Lead Developer

Case Studies

Ad Network

With the goal of 30x user growth, we created a solution to deliver targeted ads to 100,000s of users today that will continue to scale seemlessly to grow to 1,000,000s of users.

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Private Equity Platform Architecture

We helped a private equity firm create a brand new platform to revitalize an out-of-date tech stack. We took their legacy Java Server Pages application to Node.js and Angular.

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Roadmap Acceleration

We were the catalyst for rapid change in a client's development organization. In just a matter of weeks, we were able to accelerate the development team's productivity by 15% and tackle some of the most challenging problems they faced.

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