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At Chief Logic, we make it easy for SaaS companies to accelerate their technical and product roadmap through software excellence.

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We build software that evolves faster


Your business is growing rapidly. You need technology that can scale with your success.


You have an active product backlog. You need a way to move faster and reduce the drag.


You need to keep the trust of your valued customers. You may have personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card information (PCI) flowing through your system. You need the peace of mind knowing that it is transmitted safely, that what can be forgotten is forgotten, and that what must be stored is stored securely.

How we build software

Cloud Native

Loosely coupled systems that are resilient, manageable, and observable.


Features come out of API calls, not hack solutions. This keeps us moving quickly.

Authentication and Authorization

We use OAuth 2.0 for authorization and OpenID Connect for authentication of our applications. We can create single sign-on (SSO) between your applications and from any SSO provider.

Microservices and Domain-Driven Design

We divide our system into microservices that can be independently deployed and scaled.

When we split our services, we use domain-driven design (DDD) to know where to split services. DDD gives us the concept of bounded contexts and a ubiquitous language within the context. This builds confidence and consistency of communication.

Event-Driven Design

We build event-driven systems to keep things rapidly evolving and scalable. We work with event pub/sub technologies like Kafka and queue technologies like RabbitMQ.

Sometimes this takes the form of command query responsibility segregation (CQRS) which separates the read and write models, and event sourcing, which creates the current state of the data from an immutable log of events.

Containers, Orchestration, and Service Mesh

We use Docker containers to package up source code, dependencies, and config to keep our development machines closely resembling production. This reduces friction to finding bugs.

We use Kubernetes to orchestrate these containers across a cluster.

We work with Envoy for the Service Proxy to keep our application communication, and Istio for the control plane of our Service Mesh so that we can configure intelligent routing between services.

Continuous Delivery

We set up automated build-test-deploy pipelines so that when code is committed, it can quickly be shipped to production. Don't worry if not all users should see the new feature. We can turn new features on for just a portion of your customers. And we can make this process safe and easy with blue-green deployments and intelligent traffic routing.

We can even auto-deploy a self-contained test environment per pull request. This speeds up validation of new features and keeps your team moving fast!

Functional Programming

We love functional programming. Within our services and particularly for data mapping, functional programming gives us easily testable software that we can have a high level of trust in.

Immutable Infrastructure

We use immutable infrastructure to know the exact state of our environment and to be able to create an new environment from scratch very quickly.

Evolve Faster Through Intelligent Design

Case Studies

Ad Network

With the goal of 30x user growth, we created a solution to deliver targeted ads to 100,000s of users today that will continue to scale seemlessly to grow to 1,000,000s of users.

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Private Equity Platform Architecture

We helped a private equity firm create a brand new platform to revitalize an out-of-date tech stack. We took their legacy Java Server Pages application to Node.js and Angular.

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Roadmap Acceleration

We were the catalyst for rapid change in a client's development organization. In just a matter of weeks, we were able to accelerate the development team's productivity by 15% and tackle some of the most challenging problems they faced.

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